Inline Inspection - Automotive Industry

In automotive industry to achieve the quality assurance in car body construction that customers demand lead to the invention of Inline Inspection Machine vision systems. Through the usage of fixed sensors or sensors integrated on the robots systems collects 2 or 3 –dimensional data, which can be used further to meet your needs. geometry control, gap or flush measurements, glass measurement, bolts, object alignment, also possible implementation of new features, aimed especially for yours specific requirements.

Our quality control systems provides you to control remotely quality of production, independently from the size of your production powers through the server and specially designed data base and to achieve main aims of any production:

Improve the quality of your assembly processes
Machine vision leads to significant cost reductions through removal of rework
Repeatability and consistency

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Inline Metrology – Competences

We are competent with systems of Inline Inspection used by Carl Zeiss Automated Inspection. Our service consists of mechanical setup, electrical and electronic hook-up, precision alignment of machine vision sensors, inline inspection systems integration, PLC control system communication establishment and customer network interfaces adjustment. We are ready to realize any customer oriented solutions.

Our Project Engineers have all the necessary skills to meet your need:

Integration of inline metrology system in your production line
Experience with PLCs, Ladder Logic and industrial programming techniques (experience with measurement systems process logic)
We can provide technical support for any of the following robot systems: Fanuc, ABB, Kawasaki, Kuka, and Motoman
Experience with metrology and dimensional control systems such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs)
Knowledge of communication platforms and bus networks
Our company consists of engineers with powerful practical and theoretical knowledge on the field of quality control application.

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