Reverse engineering is the process of obtaining a geometric CAD model from 3-D points acquired by scanning/digitizing directly from physical parts. Through this process, we extract the digital shape of physical objects that can require CAD data for modern manufacturing methods

Reverse engineering is intended to assist manufacturers and designers in meeting the demands of shortened product development time in conditions of the high accuracy and tight deadlines.

Through the reverse engineering process, covering a wide range of the industries and projects, Freeform-technologies offers you a high quality solutions and expert services, such as:

  • Compare your CAD model with your actual produc
  • Create a CAD model for a part that doesn’t have a model
  • Precision surfacing expertise
  • Correct your tools to achieve better precision of manufacturing
  • Recreate both parametrical and freeform geometries
  • Fasten your production process from prototype through CAD to a ready product

We provide our customers with accurate and quality documentation, used by any manufacturer to produce their product.