About Us 

The Merz Group is a European service provider company in the field of industrial metrology, established in the year 2008 by Dipl. Ing. Jochen Merz.

Our specialized engineers focus mainly on industrial measurement technologies with documentation and translation services. Through our competence and expertise team, our services offer optimal solutions at best prices and great satisfaction. 

Our philosophy of ensuring quality production and optimal workflows includes expertise in industrial 3D scanning, covering Industrial Computed Tomography, X-Ray Solutions and Optical Measurement as well as Reverse Engineering, Software Testing, Programming, Commissioning, and Optimization of Robotics and Machine Vision systems.

With office locations in South Germany and Poland, we proudly offer our services to entrepreneurs all over Europe. 


Industrial 3D Scanning

Industrial 3D scanning has become well established as an inspection, evaluation, and analysis tool in the industry. Computed tomography and x-ray microscopy can record your entire component which needs to be analyzed in detail. Our company provides variative services in the field of scanning.

Xradia 620 Versa Scan
Optische Messtechnik durch Zebramuster-Scann


Optical Measurement

Optical 3D measurement is a great opportunity for the manufacturing industries to maintain the quality inspection in all stages of their part production and optimization. The non-contact 3D scanner is based on blue light structured scanning, delivering precision scans at short time, ideally for the deviation analysis to CAD models.

Reverse Engineering component


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is mainly intended to assist manufacturers and designers to meet the requirements of shortened product development time and reconstruction in condition with high quality up to nanometric accuracy. It is a paramount to wide industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, healthcare, Additive Manufacturing, Plastic industry, Prototyping etc.

The cooperation with Merz technologies is a very good choice for our team. Thanks to the professional support, we were able to bring numerous projects to a successful finish. Short reaction times and uncomplicated implementation support us in this."


- Stephan Tomaschko

Head of Department Contract Measurement Computed Tomography (IQS-VACX)

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology GmbH

Robotics & Machine Vision mit Expertise im Automobilbereich

Robotics & Machine Vision

With an increased usage of Industry 4.0, Machine Vision and Robotics are gaining on demand but at the same time on complexity. Through our highly expertise engineers, the integration and programming of industrial robots and custom Machine Vision software can be accomplished to customer requirements and highest satisfaction.

Software Testing


Software Testing

Software testing is an essential part of the software development process. By detecting issues at an early stage, providing constant feedback on the product's development, time and cost savings can be ensured. Our expert team plans every project uniquely to our customers and ensure solutions according to business application requirements.