Computed Tomography and Reverse Engineering

Surface Reconstruction

Industrial Computed Tomography

Metrological Evaluation and Comparison of Geometry

Computer tomographs record your entire component.
This makes metrological evaluations for external and internal structures of a component possible.

Non-destructive fault investigation inside the component

With CT scans faults can be made visible non
destructively in plastic and light metal components.

Reverse Engineering

Digitization with CT systems provides the ideal data basis
for reverse engineering applications for component reconstruction.


Industrial Computer Tomography

- Measurement of standard geometries and freeform surfaces

- Nominal/actual comparison of geometry with

  colour-coded 3D visualisation of deviations

- Sample inspection report

Non-destructive fault investigation inside 
the component

- Porosity and inclusion analysis

- Damage and fault analysis

- Assembly control

Reverse Engineering

- STL data for your reverse engineering application

- Construction services for surface reconstruction and     

  correction of injection moulding tools

Surface Reconstruction

- Reconstruction of existing tools and workpieces

- Documentation of manually optimized tools

- Reconstruction of components with non-existent drawings         or without CAD data

- Optimization of injection molding tools

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