The machine vision market is dynamically growing. The improvement of the manufacturing process leads to the broader use of smart technologies. The complexity of the applications itself, getting higher through the requirement to combine and integrate modern technologies. The market of the labor will require interdisciplinary engineers to handle with that.

Machine vision & industrial robots programming

Inline Inspection

Robot guidance

Best fit

Form and Pierce

Gap gauging


External tracking

Automotive Industry

We are specialized in the production stage.

We know the workflow and environment based on our practice.  

Industrial robots

Our team consists of the engineers certified and experienced in the work with the variety of industrial robots





We are experts in Image processing. Our team is familiar with various types of sensors and technologies for 3D information capturing and methods of inline absolute measurement.

Laser triangulation

Gray scale processing

Fringe projection


Point Cloud processing

Through the knowledge collected in the Data management and understanding of the Spatial Transformations background of the machine vision systems, we know how the measured values can be applied to influence the production process and which values are required for the end-user.

Corrections and offsets evaluation

Data management

Alignment and transformation


Due to the specifics of the Automobile Industry market, Engineering systems providers can face the requirement of additional capacity to cover some of the projects. The significant advance is when the contractors can complete not only the specific jobs, but have the ability to understand a comprehensive system and have a proper background to handle the equipment. We have experience of work with Machine Vision applications, and we can offer you the following services:

Robot Programming

By knowing your application, we can tailor the robot program and robot path to your system requirements.

Image processing 


Depending on the level of involvement in the project, we are ready to share the role of the Project Engineers. As following through the practice on the project, you will receive the external pool of engineers for your further projects.

System commissioning and maintenance 

The configuration of yours software in regards of image processing. Since our engineers have significant experience in image processing, the learning of the custom application will take not much time.  The appropriate configuration, optimization or adjustments can be done

Production support and troubleshooting

Production support can consume quite a lot of company capacity, but in most of the cases, it doesn't require much expertise from the support. We are convenient at work on the industrial facilities and know how to build relationships with the end-user. Exactly for Support and troubleshooting will be assigned the staff familiar with your application.

Correlation and commissioning tests

Any Machine vision system in order to be accepted requires to pass specific commissioning tests or pass verification. Our Engineers can assist you in that time-consuming procedure. Additionally, we have experience in work with CMM data and a clear understanding of the quality requirements.  

System design and consulting

In some cases, it is of significant interest to design a custom solution for 3D Measurement of the object. We can consult you with the choice of the appropriate component for the desired system as well as we can assist you with the custom system design and further integration of the equipment.

Interfacing and vision coding

Robotic Machine Vision applications quit often contain specific tasks that require an unusual solution. The opportunity to modify the way robots interact with the equipment or to tailor the vision software to the particular situation requirement open broad flexibility for the application.

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