Robotics & Machine Vision

Programming, Commissioning & Optimization

The industrial robotics and machine vision markets are dynamically growing. Through improvements in the manufacturing process, smart technologies gained a broader use in the industry. The obligation to combine and integrate modern technologies lead to an increased complexity and therefore require interdisciplinary engineers. Our team of competent engineers provide a skillset to understand comprehensive systems and to handle the equipment, due to proper background.

Merz As Your Robotics & Machine Vision Service Provider

Automotive industry expertise 
Through years of experience in the production process, our experts are specialized in the automotive sector.
Wide robotics know-how
Our engineers are certified and experienced in the work with the variety of industrial robots (KUKA, FANUC, ABB etc.)
Best-quality results
Deep knowledge in image processing and sensor technology guarantees high-quality
Merz as your project engineer 
Depending on the level of involvement in the project, Merz staff members can take over the role of project engineers.

Industrial Robot Programming


Our experts will tailor the robot program and path to your unique system requirements, enabling efficient handling of a variety of industrial robots.


Inline Inspection


Best Fit


Gap Gauging





Robot Guidance


Form & Pierce


External Tracking



With a major expertise in image processing, various types of sensors and technologies from 3D information capturing and methods of inline absolute measurement, the team will deliver high quality result.


Machine Vision Process:

Application of the following image capturing tools:

Correction and off-set evaluation:

Through gathered information in the data management and through deep understanding of

the spatial transformation process background of machine vision systems, our team applies the measured values to positively influence the

production process and focus on end-user value concepts.

 Gray scale processing

Laser Triangulation

Fringe projection


Point cloud processing


Automotive Industry

With our specification in the automotive industry, our team is highly qualified and experienced in the production stage. Workflow and environment-based know-how on the practice, guarantee best outcomes.


Our Services


Due to the specifics of the automobile industry market, engineering systems providers can face the requirement of additional capacity to cover some of the projects. The significant advance is when the contractors can complete not only the specific jobs, but have the ability to understand a comprehensive system and have a proper background to handle the equipment We can offer you the following services:

Robot Programming

Our experts tailor the industrial robot programming and movement path, uniquely to your system requirements.


Image Processing Configuration

Depending on the level of involvement, Merz staff members can take over the role of Project Engineers.

Following the project practice, you will receive the external engineering pool for your further projects.

System Commissioning and Maintenance

Benefit from flexible adaption of our experts on your customized applications and rely on appropriate

configuration, optimization, and adjustment.


Production Support & Troubleshooting

Through involvement in industrial labor and strong know-how in building relationships with the end-user,

Merz offers production support, performed by staff members familiar with your application, which in turn

increases your productivity.


Correlation and Commissioning Tests

In order to pass the required machine vision specific commissioning test and verification, our team will

assist you in the analysis and evaluation of the CMM quality requirements as well as in the test conduction.


System Design and Consulting

Custom solutions for 3D measurement of an object, may require an individually designed system.

Merz experts will consult and support you with the determination of the ideal components, as well as with the assistance of design and further integration of the equipment.


Interfacing and Vision Coding

Robotics & Machine Vision applications quite often contain specific tasks which require an unusual solution.

The modification the way robots interact with the equipment or to tailor the vision software to the situation requirement open broad flexibility for the application.

Quality Assurance at the VW Crafter Production Facility

In cooperation with ZEISS Industrial Metrology, we introduced the inline metrology system to assure quality production at the VW Crafter Production Facility in Poland.

Our Service Team




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