Software testing

Software testing is an essential part of the software development process.

How a software will shape up during the development process solely depends on how the software testing team will plan and organize its work. That is why it is essential to have the right team of professionals with a deep understanding and knowledge of this domain.

Exploratory testing

Checking and digging in the software for unexpected issues​

Acceptance testing

To ensure that the software matches business requirements ​

Functional testing

We check the functional stability of the software against technical specifications and requirements​

Regression testing

As an important part after maintenance and new implementations​

Industrial Metrology

We are familiar with the Industrial metrology

    specifics (both hardware and software)

We are certified by ISTQB and have an expertise

    in software testing


Testing process

Test case development

Test manager

Agile software development

Team foundation server

Industrial metrology

IMT Bug tracker


Software Testing can help you monitor the quality of your software at any stage of development. Our testing team members are ISTQB certified and have a vast experience in testing Industrial and engineering applications. Our range of services include:

Developing a structure for software testing

Software testing is the process of investigating software systematically to find deep-rooted defects in it. In order to develop a structure for software testing, a proper test environment and tools need to be identified.

Manual testing and test automation

Manual testing is introduced in the early stages of software development. It is used for rigorous exploratory testing in order to detect critical defects. Automation testing is used to perform the batch run process. The well-structured framework and smooth test run help to test the software in maximum possible aspects. 

Create test cases for the testing process

In order to run tests for software, relevant scenarios are necessary. The requirement of the functions are analyzed and scenarios are created out of it in the form of test cases. A proper test case is the necessity to run a useful test. 

Acceptance, exploratory and regression test

To get a high-quality bug free software, software testing is introduced in the early stages of development. Acceptance tests are run to ensure that functionalities created based on the requirements are in working condition. Exploratory testing is done to ensure that all other features of the product are working fine after the introduction of new functions. Regression tests are run before the release of the software by checking the overall condition of the package. Thus software testing is involved in each stage of development. 

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