Reverse Engineering

3D Digitization
3D Scanning
Tool Correction
Surface and 3D scan data analysis
Parametric 3D modelling
Remodelling and repair

Project Engineering

Quality Inspection
Inline Robot System Installation
Managing the Project
Robot Programming (Kuka, Fanuc, ABB)
Modify and test PLC configurations
Troubleshoot automation programs

Software Development

Software Designing and Development
Measurement and visualization technologies
Build CAD software from scratch
Customization of CATIA V5 & V6
Porting Legacy Software to New GUI


Industrial Metrology

In order to control manufacturing processes and guarantee the quality of products, producers are constantly concerned with aligning their instruments to reference standards and ensuring measurement traceability. Industrial Metrology is that field of technologies which deals with measurements in production and quality control. It covers calibration procedures, calibration intervals, control of measurement processes and management of measuring instruments in industry to ensure that they are technically and economically competitive manufacturers.

Measurement Services

  • Assistance with Calibration of the standard testing equipment
  • 3D coordinate measuring and contract inspection
  • Measurement sequence programming
  • Holos Script programming
  • Digitization of both inner and exterior contours
  • Defect Checks
  • Generating evaluations, comparisons and reliable traceable reports
  • Consultation in improvement of Inspection process

Reverse Engineering Services

  • 3D Digitization (Scan Data)
  • Parametric 3D modelling in generic and native formats
  • Surface reconstruction from 3D scan data
  • 3D modelling of objects of various size
  • Surface and 3D scan data analysis
  • Distance analysis reconstructed Surface and 3D scan data
  • Tool Correction (Reduction of scaled and inverted error)
  • Consultation in updating the manufacturing process

Development Services

  • Requirement Analysis in CAD Reverse Engineering and Inspection plan software
  • Design and Development
  • Handling huge point cloud data
  • Maintenance of your software

Project Engineering Service

  • Quality Inspection
  • Inline Robot System Installation
  • Management the Project
  • Robots Programming (Kuka, Fanuc, ABB)
  • Modify and test PLC configurations
  • Troubleshoot automation programs

Testing and Application Engineering

  • Providing the test framework
  • Automation testing
  • Consultation for the hotline and support activities

Translation services

  • Translation / localization project managers
  • Localizations tools and technology developers
  • Technical translation of your supporting documentation


Zeiss Reverse Engineering



freeform.technologies is a Service Provider Company in the field of Industrial Metrology Software, Industrial Image processing and Industrial Metrology services. The company was founded in 2008 by Dipl. Ing Jochen Merz and has established itself as a quality service provider of Industrial metrology/Image processing services and Software solutions in the field of Metrology and Reverse Engineering.
Our strong values and reliable teams are the heart and soul of the company. The success in various fields of metrology has motivated us to grow larger and lay a very stable platform for providing quality solutions. The freeform.technologies Headquaters is situated at Zielona Gora,Poland and majority of the teams work at customer location. Our group is strong bond of various nationalities working towards the development in the field of industrial metrology.

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